Chocolate Mousse Jar

Chocolate Mousse, Layered with Chocolate Sponge & Topped with Dark Chocolate Sauce.


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Onesta Chocolate Mousse Jar – a decadent symphony of textures and flavors in a convenient, single-serve package. But the beauty of the Onesta Mousse Jar lies beyond its individual components. It’s the way they come together, creating a harmonious whole that’s pure indulgence. Each spoonful is a textural adventure, the creamy mousse giving way to the airy sponge, all while the dark chocolate sauce dances on your palate.

Here’s what makes this jar a winner:

  • Premium ingredients: Onesta uses real Belgian chocolate, ensuring a depth of flavor that ordinary cocoa simply can’t match.
  • Perfect portion size: No need to worry about overindulging – this jar is just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without leaving you feeling overly full.
  • Convenient and portable: Take your chocolate mousse on the go! This jar is perfect for picnics, movie nights, or simply enjoying a luxurious treat at your desk.
  • A crowd-pleaser: Whether you’re a die-hard chocolate lover or just looking for a delightful dessert, the Onesta Chocolate Mousse Jar is guaranteed to impress.

So, if you’re looking for a decadent yet convenient chocolate treat, look no further than the Onesta Chocolate Mousse Jar. It’s a guaranteed way to indulge your senses and leave you wanting more.