Tiramisu Jar

A Classic Italian Dessert with Tiramisu Mousse , Vanilla Sponge and Coffee.


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Craving a taste of Italy? Dive into the Onesta Tiramisu Jar, a delightful individual portion bursting with classic tiramisu flavors! Picture this:

  • Coffee-soaked ladyfingers: Soft sponge fingers gently surrender to a rich espresso bath, infusing them with an intoxicating coffee aroma.
  • Mascarpone dream: A luxuriously creamy mascarpone cheese layer awaits, its decadent richness blanketing the ladyfingers in pure bliss.
  • Cocoa kiss: A dusting of cocoa powder dances atop the mascarpone, adding a touch of bittersweet elegance that harmonizes perfectly with the sweetness below.

This charming little jar isn’t just a pretty face, it’s the perfect on-the-go indulgence. Pop open the lid and savor:

  • Solo bliss: The ideal portion for one, say goodbye to sharing (unless you really want to!).
  • Pocket-sized pleasure: Tuck it in your bag and whip out a taste of Italy whenever your sweet tooth whispers.
  • Freshness guaranteed: Made with love and fresh ingredients, this tiramisu is free of artificial nasties, just pure, delicious goodness.

Here’s why people can’t get enough of Onesta Tiramisu Jar:

  • Flavor fireworks: The delicate dance of coffee, mascarpone, and cocoa creates an explosion of taste in every bite.
  • Just-right richness: The mascarpone’s luxuriousness is perfectly balanced by the ladyfingers’ spongey lightness and the cocoa’s touch of depth.
  • Convenience is king: No need for fancy plates or forks, just grab your jar and go!

So, the next time you crave a sweet escape, skip the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Grab an Onesta Tiramisu Jar and let your taste buds take a trip to Italy, one delightful spoonful at a time!