Brownie with Hot Chocolate

Classic Brownie Served With Hot Chocolate & Whipped Cream. ( Contains Eggs)


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Onesta’s Brownie with Hot Chocolate is more than just a dessert. It’s an experience. It’s a moment of pure indulgence, a reminder that sometimes, the simplest things are the most satisfying. So, grab a spoon, dive in, and let yourself be swept away by the chocolatey bliss.

The Brownie:

  • Dense and Decadent:  Onesta Baked to perfection with Belgian cocoa, this brownie is a chocoholic’s dream. Each bite is a burst of rich, moist goodness, studded with dark chocolate chunks for an extra layer of texture.
  • Warm and Gooey: Served warm, the brownie’s edges are slightly crisp, giving way to a soft, gooey center that melts in your mouth. It’s the ideal marriage of textures, a perfect harmony on your taste buds.

The Hot Chocolate:

  • Creamy Dream: Made with real Belgian chocolate, this hot chocolate isn’t just a sweet drink. It’s a luxurious experience. The rich, velvety texture coats your tongue, its warmth soothing your soul.
  • Chocolate Heaven: The hot chocolate’s sweetness perfectly balances the brownie’s intensity, creating a harmonious interplay of flavors. Each dip adds another layer of richness, turning every spoonful into a mini celebration.

But the magic doesn’t stop there:

  • Whipped Cream Delight: A dollop of whipped cream graces the top of the hot chocolate, adding a light, airy counterpoint to the chocolatey richness. It’s the perfect finishing touch, a fluffy cloud in your cup of dreams.
  • A Symphony of Senses: The aroma of the brownie and hot chocolate fills the air, enticing you even before you take a bite. Each spoonful is a symphony of textures and tastes, a sensory journey that leaves you wanting more.

So, whether you’re a chocolate lover/dessert enthusiast, or simply looking for a warm treat, Onesta Brownie with Hot Chocolate is the answer. It’s a double-chocolate dream come true.