Outlet Enquiries

Our Onesta outlet locator on the website makes finding the nearest restaurant easy. It assists in locating the nearest restaurant and indicates which locations offer delivery and takeaway. Alternatively, you can browse on any search engine to locate your nearest outlet. Another option is to go through the following list of all outlets, along with respective location links: 


(For Dine in & Delivery)

Only for Delivery (Cloud Kitchen)




Onesta Cash Vouchers

Unleash Savings at Onesta with Exclusive Website Vouchers!

Grab Two Delicious Deals:

  1. Feast Like a King(or Queen)! Get 15% off our Unlimited Buffets. Choose from:
    • Veggie Paradise: Indulge in endless plant-based delights for just ₹649 (after discount).
    • Non-Veg Cravings: Satisfy your meaty desires with our non-veg buffet for ₹699 (after discount).

Please note: This discount applies to one buffet per person and cannot be combined with other offers. Valid for dine-in only.

  1. Save ₹100 on Your Onesta Adventure! Purchase a ₹1000 voucher for only ₹900. Use it towards your dine-in bill, but remember:
  • The voucher covers ₹1000 of your total bill. You’ll be responsible for any amount exceeding ₹1000.
  • No refunds given for bills under ₹1000.

Remember: Both vouchers have expiry dates and cannot be combined with other offers. Only valid for customers above 12 years old.

Don’t miss out! Head to our website and grab your voucher today!

Name of the Week FAQs

Gear up for pizza glory, Onesta fans! Every Sunday, they reveal a secret code word (3-4 letters like SHAL). If your Name matches those letters in the EXACT order, get ready for Tuesday pizza triumph! You and your crew score 50% off any pizza, plus a chance to unleash your inner bottomless pit with 50% off Pizza Unlimited! So check Sundays, match your name, and conquer Tuesday with cheesy goodness!

Please find the link for the terms and conditions under:

Yes. You can get it at any outlet!

To get this amazing offer, bring in a hard copy of any of these government-issued IDs:

Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Voter’s ID, or Ration Card.

Scanned copies, photos, or pictures won’t be accepted.

Just a heads-up, the “Pizza Unlimited” deal is just for you.

Please note: If your friends want to do their own thing at a different table, they can grab some à la carte bites or anything else that tickles their fancy.

Our Favourite Offers for you

Get ready to conquer a mountain of pizza! Our town’s hottest offer lets you unleash your inner pizza beast with all-you-can-eat slices!

Pile on the toppings, devour different flavors, and conquer your cravings with:

  • UNLIMITED PIZZAS: Go classic, get adventurous, explore – the choice is yours!
  • 1 GARLIC BREAD: For that perfect savory sidekick.
  • 1 DESSERT: Sweeten the deal with a delicious finale.
  • 1 BEVERAGE: Cool down with a refreshing drink.

All this pizza paradise can be yours for:

  • Veg: ₹419 per person
  • Non-Veg: ₹449 per person

Don’t miss out on this chance to stuff your face with happiness! Head down and join the pizza party – the town’s buzzing with excitement!

Choose your adventure! Dive into the veggie wonderland of our Veg Buffet, or explore the full spectrum of flavors with our Non Veg Buffet. Both options offer endless possibilities, starting at ₹699 for veg and ₹749 for non-veg.

What’s on Onesta?

Lunch Deal:

  • Get [Offer Details] every Monday through Friday, from 11 AM to 1 PM and 4 PM to 7 PM!


  • This offer is only valid for our à la carte menu.
  • Enjoy this deal exclusively for dine-in experiences.

Onesta’s turning another year older, and we’re showering the love on your little ones! This birthday, treat your 6-12 year olds to unlimited pizza, starting at just ₹199 (veg) and ₹249 (non-veg)! That’s a whopping discount from our usual ₹369 and ₹399.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Pre-book your table and surprise your kid with a table decked out in festive balloons! ✨ It’s the perfect way to make their Onesta birthday unforgettable.


  • This offer is valid for dine-in only.
  • It’s for kids aged 6-12 years.
  • Don’t miss out – pre-book your table today!

So come celebrate with Onesta! We’ll make sure your little pizza lover has a birthday they’ll never forget.

Get one FREE Pizza Unlimited every Monday! Bring two friends or family members, and we’ll treat one of you to unlimited pizza on the house. You’ll only pay for two Pizza Unlimitedi’s – that’s a delicious deal you can’t miss!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Gather two friends or family members and head to Onesta on a Monday.
  2. Order any two Pizza Unlimitedi’s.
  3. Relax and enjoy unlimited pizza! We’ll take the lowest-priced Pizza Unlimited off your bill, making one of them completely free.

Note: Don’t worry about choosing the “right” pizza. We’ll simply deduct the cost of the least expensive one from your total. So go ahead, mix and match flavors and have a blast!

Come join the Pizza Unlimited party every Monday at Onesta! Share the love of pizza with your crew and score a free meal in the process. See you there!

Onesta wants to treat all the amazing women out there to a well-deserved break every Thursday!

That’s right, ladies! Every Thursday, you can indulge in unlimited pizza at Onesta for a special price:

  • ₹249 for our mouthwatering veg options (originally ₹399)
  • ₹299 for our delicious non-veg creations (originally ₹399)

Just head to any Onesta outlet on a Thursday and grab your slice of happiness!

So ditch the stress and come savor some pizza paradise – you deserve it!


Outlet Enquiries

Finding an Onesta Outlet is very easy with our Onesta outlet locator on our site will help you find the nearest restaurant. It will also show you which locations offer delivery and takeaway. Otherwise, you can either locate your nearest Outlet by browsing on any Search Engine or you can go through the following list of all the outlets along with respective location links: Banglore:  (For Dine in & Delivery) Only for Delivery (Cloud Kitchen) Mysuru Hyderabad  Pune Mariplex Complex:

Onesta Cash Vouchers

We have 2 kinds of cash vouchers only available on our website.

  • 15% off on Buffet Unlimited
    The discount can only be availed on the following offerings:
    1. Veg Buffet ₹649
    2. Non veg Buffet ₹699
    (per person)

The discount cannot be availed on the entire bill, but on 1 Buffet Unlimited.
The voucher comes with a validity date, post that date the voucher cannot be availed
The voucher cannot be clubbed with any other offers
Customers above 12 years of age will be considered
Only available for Dine-in.

₹1000 voucher for ₹900
One can redeem the above cash voucher on Dine-in only.
The voucher is subject to pay for ₹1000 on the entire bill. Any amount above ₹1000 will be borne by the customer.
If the Bill is of a lower amount than ₹1000, the balance is not refundable.
The voucher comes with a validity date, post that date the voucher cannot be availed.
The voucher cannot be clubbed with any other offers
Customers above 12 years of age will be considered.

Name of the Week FAQs

We announce 3-4 letter credentials every Sunday, for reference, SHAL, any person whose First, Middle or Last Name has those credentials in the same order can avail a Pizza at 50% off on the coming Tuesday of that particular week, along with their friends and family who can also avail 50% off on Pizza Unlimited!

Please find the link for the terms and conditions under:

Yes, it certainly can be availed at any outlet.

The offer can only be availed once you show a hard copy of any of the following government issued documents:
– Adhaar Card
– Driving License
– Passport
– PAN Card
– Voter’s ID
– Ration Card

Please note: Scanned/photocopies/pictures of the IDs won’t be considered.

Your accompanies will be charged with Pizza Unlimited offer only.

Please Note: If they wish to sit on a separate table they can go for A-la-carte or anything else they wish to order.

Our Favourite Offers for you

This is the hottest offer in the town, wherein you can have as many Pizzas as your appetite allows. The offer includes UNLIMITED PIZZAS+1 AERATED DRINK+1 DESSERT.
The Price for Pizza Unlimited Veg for ₹369, while Non Veg for ₹399.
The prices are mentioned per person.

The Veg Buffet includes everything that is veg on our entire menu, while our Non Veg Buffet includes everything in our menu.
Price: ₹649 (veg) ₹699 (non veg)

What’s on Onesta?

The offer is valid every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 11am-1pm and 4pm-7pm.
The offer can only be availed on A-la-carte.
Valid on Dine-in only.

It’s an Onesta Birthday, let us treat your child with Pizza Unlimited at an unbelievable discount from ₹369 (veg) to ₹199 and ₹399 (non veg) to ₹249.
Only for kids between 6-12 years of age.
Valid on Dine-in only.
Pre-book your table to get Balloon decorations done for your kid to be surprised.

This offer is valid every Monday, wherein, for instance, if you visit us with 2 of your friends/family, one of you can avail a Pizza Unlimited on the house. You’ll only be charged with 2 Pizza Unlimited only.
Please Note: The order with the lowest value will be deducted from the invoice.

We at Onesta believe that women deserve a break every now and then.
Every woman visiting us on a Thursday at any outlet gets Pizza Unlimited at a discounted price of ₹249 (veg) and ₹299 (no veg) from ₹399.